Novel Material? (1)

I’ve been attempting to develop the basis for a novel, and this is what I’ve come up with so far. Its still really, really rough and in the works, but I’m just itching to get some of it out there for comment.

Even though I state this on my sidebar, for any strangers out there with sticky fingers, this is under a creative commons license. Mine. Leave it alone. ^^ Thank you.

…Synopsis?: This is an adventure story with some romance and spirituality. I really haven’t got far with that. I know there’s going to be some kind of spiritual and physical journey involved. Maybe more than one.

The World: Right now its a mostly renaissance base. This is still in the works. It also needs a name…

The Peoples: 3 races; (1) my spin on the Elves, (2) Dwarf-like little people called Earthens, and (3)humans. Of course humans like to divide into their own little groups, so the main sub-groups are human-nomads, human-farmers and human-townsfolk.

More About Peoples:

Elves: Stereotypically the most spiritual race in the world, they communicate with the Shaddai(their name for the creator) through nature. It is through the trees, streams and grasses that they receive their magic, and they always look to nature for guidance and wisdom.

Earthens: Stereotypically they do not worship the Great Creator, as He is commonly called. They do not believe he exists. They are fully devoted to material things. They build great underground cities connected by series’ of tunnels. They value money (especially gold) and fire. They hate the Elves with a passion.

Human-Nomads: I’m basing these guys off of what I know about native American tribes and nomadic gypsies combined. In this world the Nomads are generally warriors (though not aggressive until provoked) and they believe their strength, valor and abilities come from the Great Creator through animals. Each nomad usually find his or her “spirit animal” by the age of 12. This is said to be revealed to them through certain ceremonies that are not disclosed to anyone outside the tribes. (Meaning…I have no idea what they are right now.)

So, this is part one of “Novel Material?”. I figured this was enough for one post. I’ll do another one that has a little bit about some characters…once I develop them. I guess what I’m asking is (even though there’s not much here), what do you see? Novel Material?

Thanks guys!

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