The Fly in the Room

They had nothing to say to each other. Sitting across from one another at a stone table, wrists chained together.
The room was small and dark, with a simple square window cut in the middle of the east wall. Glassless. The walls were made of the same cold, wet-feeling granite as the table. In the middle of the table sat a framed photo of a child.
On one side of the table sat a woman, the other a man. They weren’t making eye contact.
The steady drip of water could be heard, but where the sound was coming from they did not know.
Waiting. What they were waiting for was a mystery, but they waited anyway. Silence and stillness–and that picture–their only companions.
The woman began to softly hum “Amazing Grace”. The vocal noise in and of itself was not disconcerting, but the echoic hum after each note grated on the nerves.
“Shut up,” the man said. These were the first words uttered in hours.
She grew quiet.
Time passed, and the rays of a rising sun shone through the window. The quiet trill of a bird floated through on a breeze. As the couple sat there, a tiny fly flew into the room and alighted on the photo of the child.
“Well, I suppose that’s that,” the woman whispered.
“Yes,” the man agreed. “That’s that.”

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Haiku #4

weighty, cool blue heart

crushed by the loss of a song

I am indifferent

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Haiku #3

crazy tie-dyed band

warm patchouli-lotioned hands

this, the day for music

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Haiku #2

after the journey

sink into soft pillows and

listen to the rain.

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Imagist Poem #1

A large

In the middle
of a barren

whistles through


the tree
is dead.

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Finals are over and a calm silence has overtaken my soul. Its strange. I haven’t felt this way in awhile. With all the hustle and bustle and trying to keep up a social life, a romantic relationship, classes, homework and sleep all perfectly balanced, you tend to forget what true peace and freedom feels like. Right now I just want to curl up in bed and sleep for awhile, knowing that I have no obligations to take care of that greatly pertain to my future.

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Sudden release of pressure,

An exhale,

A balloon’s pop,

A baby’s first cry,

Relief, release, undone.

Finished, or

just begun.

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Haiku #1

a long black serpent

slithers through the tallest grass

hiding from the rain

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A Little Bumbling

I’ve tried blogging a multitude of times before, and it just never seemed to work out the way I wanted. So this time, I’m really going to try to stick to it. I love blogging, but I tend to hold myself to far higher standards than necessary, then I get discouraged. So I’m just going to muse. Maybe post some poetry, a few stories, and see where it goes. 🙂 Hope to be posting again soon.

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